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General Guidelines

The aim of this course (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is to train good, practical classroom teachers who have command of the basic procedural skills used in giving all the types of lessons according to the EFL/ESL/ESOL methodology. Also developed is the teacher’s ability to devise lessons and evaluate published materials with specific reference to the learners’ language problems. In view of this, the course is essentially participatory in nature and Teaching Practice forms a major component.
All applicants of 18 and older with at least high school education are eligible to apply. However, the application is subject to approval. Applicant needs to provide information on at least two (2) references including names, telephone/fax numbers and addresses. Non-native speakers are advised to provide the evidence of at least 10 hours of actual classroom teaching practice together with two references, although this last condition is circumstantial and can be reviewed in certain cases.
English is an international language and speaking it fluently does not mean teaching it proficiently. English is a uniquely versatile, flexible and culturally adjustable domain. Its impartiality towards racial, political or religious affiliations is an outstanding cultural drive that makes it ideally international. People speak English in every corner of the world, but only commitment to serve the cause of teaching English makes them equal no matter where they were born or raised. Armed with this philosophy, we never distinguish teachers as native or non-native speakers. Teachers of the English language have no race, nationality or religion; they have citizenship. Have we forgotten that 99% of top linguists of the English language never considered themselves as native speakers? We do not certify your level of language proficiency; we certify your abilities to teach English.
Everyone knows how to drive a car, but not everyone is licensed to operate the vehicle. Certificate is a proof of your knowledge, while license authorizes you to practice your skills.
Our purpose is not to fail our own trainees, but to help them obtain what they need and want. The schedule of tests will be negotiated with the applicant to collect required points. Success in a test does not mean that a trainee will become what we and employers want him or her to be. In the course of training everyone reveals his or her attitude and abilities in true colors. We do not judge by numbers in scores, we judge according to potential. However, should you fail first time you will have another chance within the following week from the date of failure. If you still fail to pass, you will be allowed to retake test next month also 2 times. However, the second set of tests may not be available free of charge as the first 2 ones.
Minimum requirement is upper-intermediate or close to one. Judge yourself - if you do not have appropriate level, how are you going to teach. Although for kindergarten and primary school levels you have to acquire at least intermediate fluency.
MSPro is in possession of accredited and authored by it materials conveniently incorporated into hands-on software tools. Today digital technology is used to promote fast learning and time-saving processes. MSPro will provide all you need in addition to materials you will be recommended to use in your future classes.
We have license and accreditation to enroll from: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. All applicants can have different modes for training such as: in-class in Baku, Azerbaijan (strongly advised), through distance learning or online. However, for the full "package" of benefits of the certificate program you are recommended to travel to Baku, Azerbaijan where we are able to provide you with room and board, cultural and leisure programs, friendly atmosphere and intensive training.

Technical Side

Your course schedule can be very flexible taking into account the time you can spend on it daily. It could last two weeks or two months, although its standard duration is set to five weeks. You are always welcome to make your own arrangements.
There many different options available: Cash (for in-class training, TT (Bank Wire), PayPal, Credit/Debit card. You can discuss it with our accounting and choose the most convenient form for the payment. We do not turn down your application just because you may not have enough to pay. Scheduled installments also is also an option.
The tutors who will be assigned to your training will be from the MSPro qualified and licensed staff. You can have the information about them after you complete your enrollment. As far as success in your course is totally your responsibility, your tutors will providing guidance and detailed training and practical assistance to you. However, you can contact them any time during your active working hours.
We have a corporate training plan for more than one applicant. The package of benefits includes discounts in tuition fees and a referral commission. The amount and benefits are decided in regard with the class size and chosen courses.
Master Course gives full privileges to a holder to teach on university and college levels, adults and children. Its sphere of competence is not limited. Standard Course is basically for middle and high school teachers, although it is up to an employer’s discretion to hire for other duties. Junior Course is designed for teachers of primary schools and kindergartens.
As far as the certificate we issue is recognized worldwide, we try to help our graduates in placement in countries where English teachers are in high demand. Although it does not prevent the bearer of the certificate to apply for jobs in English speaking countries where the flow of immigrants is quite intense. In addition, the certificate helps for immigration purposes to show the proof of language proficiency.
Remember that your future employer is a human being and not a machine when making a decision. He is the boss and has rights to decide in favor of his company or school. why don't you think that the problems may lie not in the paper you provide but in you? However, if this occurs MSPro can't be held responsible for how you present or "sell" yourself to your future employer. To make you feel optimistic we can only say that we have not had this situation so far.

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