Master in Literature & Arts Certificate

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Master in Literature & Arts Certificate


Learning the English language without due respect to it’s cultural roots is almost impossible. All languages in the world have been developed and still continue to develop through the literature traditions closely related to the customs of an originating country. It is a fact. People learn about each other, their history and lifestyle via their spiritual envoys like writers, poets, playwrights, etc.


Our experience of teaching English revealed the necessity of introducing at least the basics from the literature and culture of the English speaking countries, that may open ability to debate in English as well as to develop skills of analytic thinking. The course includes original texts of the most famous authors from Britain, America, Europe and Asia, and covers most necessary information like biography of an author, summary of his masterpiece, critical analysis focusing on questions for further references and discussions.


  • Western Cultures
  • Classic literature, translated works and academic publications
  • Modern literature and drama
  • Cinematography
  • Theater and drama

Course Features

  • Duration 80 hours
  • Skill level Upper-intermediate
  • Language English
  • Materials Provided
  • Enrollment. 8 Trainees
  • Assessments Final Test
  • Certification Yes
  • Fees PayPal, TT, Cash
  • Location Baku, Azerbaijan
$160.00 $200.00